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Contract Lifecycle Management

Collate and manage contract, and contract related documents with unique reference numbers, key words, service categories, tags, and named owners.

A simplified interface is the key to an improved user experience a steams are encouraged to organise documents into folders that allow easy retrieval, or utilise the flexible permissions apps to restrict access to secure areas where secure documents are held.

Task Management & User Workflow Management

Create workflows that ensure that actions related to your contracts are completed on time, or escalated to senior management for review.

Schedule meetings, build projects, set reminders, assign tasks, and track progress with configurable email reminders.

Link workflows to key contractual documents to ensure a robust audit trail that demonstrates complete control of your contracts.

Contact Relationship Management

Improve contract governance with an organisational management tool that captures company data, tracks spend on contracts, and groups company users.

Create in app organisational charts that display hierarchical relationships to support task management, and transfer of knowledge when users leave.

We believe that partnership working, supported by modern technology, will enable teams to work smarter and deliver better outcomes.

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Meeting Management & Contract Governance

Schedule regular meetings, easily share documents, send reminders, and monitor attendance.

Our meeting management module can enhance your contract governance by providing complete oversight of supplier delivery.

Information Governance & Knowledge Management

Streamline disclosure obligations with our Information Governance module, designed to help you process FOIA, GDPR, DPA, and EIR requests.

Register and track requests, use our workflow module to reflect supporting processes, and share the responsibility of Information Governance responses with the wider organisation.

Invoice and Contract Finance Management

Manage contract finance and monitor contractual variations. Capture individual buyer changes and validate invoice payments.

Ready made financial workflows allow the end user to monitor the status of variations from creation to approval. Enhanced financial tools support the tracking of invoices from receipt to payment providing powerful management data that supports the auditing of your payment processes.

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